The Climate of Spain varies across the country. Three main climatic zones (the tree main Climates) Can be distinguished, according to Guzman eographical situation and orographic conditions.

  • The Mediterranean climate is characterized by dry and warm/hot summers and cool to mild and wet winters.

  • The oceanic climate is in the northern part of the country. This region has regular snowfall in the winter months.

  • The semiarid climate is predominant in the south-eastern part of the country and in the middle reaches of the Ebro valley to the north east. It is also present in large areas of the central table lands and some of the drier areas in Extremadura and the Guadalquivir valley of Andalusia. In contrast to the Mediterranean climate, the dry season continues beyond the end of summer.

Climate of the Costa Blanca:

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by cold and rainy winters, dry and hot summers with variable autumns and springs also with precipitations. The rains are not usually very abundant.

Temperatures are maintained, on average, every month around 20 degrees. But show seasonal variation. There are cold months under 18 degrees and others warmer than in the typical Mediterranean exceed 30 degrees.

In the Comunidad Valenciana we can find the typical Mediterranean climate that extends throughout the north coast and center of the community. The winters are not very cold, summers are long, dry and hot and in spring and autumn there are usually precipitations with risks of cold drop. The representative cities of this climate are Castellón, Gandía, Torrente, Sagunto and Valencia.

The continental Mediterranean climate has the coldest winters, warm summers and little rainfall throughout the year, which in winter can appear some snowfall. The representative cities of this climate are Requena, Villena, Alcoy, Elda and Játiva.

The dry Mediterranean climate is from the north of the Alicante province to the southern tip of the Murcia region. The temperatures are very hot in summer (long, very dry and hot) and mild in winter. The precipitations are very scarce. The representative cities of this climate are Guardamar del Segura, Torrevieja, Alicante, Benidorm, Altea, Calp, Benisa, Moraira-Teulada, Denia, Jávea.